Administrative Team

Proud Assistant Principals
Mrs. Lucy Escalante, Ms. Karen Pang, Mrs. Alexis Estrada, Ms. Barbara Andujar, and Mr. Alexis Beras


Hello P.S. 143Q Family!


I am so happy to be back and working with the greatest team around. I know we didn’t plan to work under these circumstances, but I do believe with the patience, flexibility and perseverance we all have, we can overcome any hurdle that comes our way.  This year I will be supervising grades two and three, as well as K-5 bilingual education. 


My experience in working with English Language Learners and students in dual language programs has taught me how to recognize the strengths of bilingualism, as well as the challenges educators face in helping these students reach proficiency. In District 24, we educate students from some of the most diverse communities in the nation. I am fortunate that in this role, I have the opportunity to continue to serve the community I am most passionate about.


I look forward to continuing to uphold the goals of Ms. Lucas to promote a positive school culture while sustaining and initiating educational programs conducive to student learning. Together, we will coordinate efforts that will keep staff and students feeling supported, encouraged and motivated to meet our shared goals and vision.  


It remains my goal to continue to build relationships with each of you and to meet the needs of our learning community throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions or feedback. 



Proud Assistant Principal,

Alexis Estrada


Assistant Principal Estrada


Hello P.S. 143Q Family, 

It is a tremendous honor to be a part of the PS 143 school community and I am looking forward to further collaborate relationships with staff, students, and parents this year. After 17 years in the DOE teaching middle school Math in District 24, I made the decision two years ago to pursue the role of Assistant Principal at 143 because I wholeheartedly felt it was a good fit. Initially, I assumed the role of Assistant Principal of second grade at Annex II and have transitioned to the main building for the upcoming school year. My passion continues to be and will always center around what is best for our students, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed and that they are afforded a quality education.  

Of Latin descent, I am a first-generation American born from parents who emigrated from Ecuador with nothing but an ambition for a better way of life. Because of their pursuit of raising a family in the US, I was the first to graduate from college. My upbringing allows me to organically connect to my wonderful students and parents. Together, we can work to be the best we can be. 

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with our staff, students, and families and look forward to a great year! Go Lions!


All the best, 

Lucy Escalante


Assistant Principal Escalante



Dear P.S. 143Q Community,


I am thrilled to start my sixth year at P.S.143Q! My passion for education began in college when I organized a tutoring program in Philadelphia. Twice a week, I drove a large van full of tutors into Philadelphia's Chinatown where we helped students of all ages. Knowing I could make a difference in children’s lives is what motivated me to move to NYC and become a Teaching Fellow. I began my career teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Astoria, Queens as a first-grade teacher. During my eight years there, I modeled lessons for the Office of English Language Learners and the Office of Gifted and Talented. My primary focus in instruction was in designing units where students learned through inquiry-based research projects in early childhood.

I am a strong advocate for our community, especially for our English Language Learners (ELLs). Growing up as an ELL was not easy. There were very few bilingual or ESL programs in the suburbs of Boston. As a newcomer to the country, I did not speak any English and was placed in a bilingual Chinese program where I had to take a van to a school that made several stops. The ride was dreadful and long; thus, my parents decided to place me in a mainstream English speaking class with ESL once a week.  While my family did not speak English well, they did teach me how to persevere through language barriers when I was young.  My experience as a first-generation American is what drives me to be a diligent Assistant Principal for our ELLs.

Students learn best when they feel comfortable in their school and classroom. At PS143, we strive to ensure that all our students feel safe and are at their best all day, especially after a long bus ride to school. We also want students’ families to feel comfortable in reaching out about their questions and concerns. Information is such a powerful tool, and there is no better way to share information than through a website! With a touch of your phone, you can connect instantly with any staff member in our school. I am very excited to be working as the Assistant Principal for English as a New Language (ENL). This year will be full of explorations and new discoveries for our ELLs. We have a lot of new and wonderful things to share with you this year!


With love,

Karen Pang



Ms. Karen Pang


Hello P. S.143Q Family,  


I am honored and grateful to be a part of the PS 143Q school community.  I look forward to working collaboratively with all staff members, students, and families in reaching PS 143Q’s vision in partnership with Principal Lucas and the Leadership Cabin.  


My experience in working as a Literacy Technology Teacher and a Special Education Teacher at District 24 has taught me how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student.  I am passionate about equitable education and a proud leader in my community, striving to help students reach their goals and highest potentials in life with the support of their teachers and the community.  


It is my goal and sincere hope to create strong professional relationships with each of you as we work collaboratively to meet the needs of our learners and community through these difficult and uncertain times, and well into the future.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or feedback.  


Thank you and be safe.  


Proud Assistant Principal I.A. 

Ms. Barbara Andujar



Ms. Andujar


Hello P. S.143Q Family,  


I am excited to join Principal Lucas and the amazing school community here at PS 143Q! My enthusiasm to partner with you is equally as high! While you will soon get to know me, I will share a brief snapshot about who I am and my experiences thus far. I started in District 24 as a special education science teacher when my professional baseball career with the New York Mets concluded. Having graduated with a degree in Biology/Pre-Med as an undergrad, I knew I wanted to teach science, but as life would have it, I slowly developed passions for ELA instruction, because accessibility to all areas of interest starts with a shatterproof foundation in literacy. Throughout the years, across many grade levels and various roles, my passions for all aspects of education grew. Working directly with families as a district administrator at the Brooklyn South: Office of Student Enrollment allowed me to be a sounding board for both the social-emotional and instructional needs for families across the city. At the height of the pandemic, I was redeployed to work as an on-site supervisor at PS162 in Queens. With a new role and the only administrator in person supporting the entire school, I adapted and shifted gears to first and foremost, create a learning environment where all students and staff felt comfortable, happy, and safe. Our goal as a team was to support synchronous and asynchronous instruction throughout the year, and maintain high student engagement by auditing attendance, and reintroducing monthly celebrations aligned to the school community. Working directly with in-person and remote teachers has reignited my passion to work with the team here at PS143Q to elevate our collective influence on children. I look forward to building relationships with each of you, and I look forward to working with you to bring the best out of all our students and families.


Mr. Alexis Beras
Assistant Principal, I.A.

Mr. Beras