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Our Philosphy and Promise

P.S. 143 - The Louis Armstrong School 

Engage. Educate. Empower. 



Our Philosophy

Each child, despite any challenge or circumstance, possesses the potential to succeed!  We are unwavering in our commitment to providing every single child access to the best education.  We always respect the unique abilities of our children and we strive to ignite these strengths and support any challenge.   Our committed staff, parents, and partners strive to create bright futures for all scholars each and every single day!


Our Promise

We promise to treat your child with the utmost care every single day. Nurturing their minds, bodies, and souls is our goal because we want our vibrant, capable students to blossom into wise, competent, and inspiring global citizens. We will always be fair and equitable in our practices and give all children the opportunity to flourish and thrive! We thank you for trusting us with your children and supporting our mission.