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Instructional Focus

Instructional Focus


Each school in the NYC DOE has an instructional focus. Our current instructional focus is as follows:


Using Hallmark #2 “Rich Discussions” of advanced literacies, all pedagogues, across all grade levels and content areas, will design instruction to provide scholars opportunities to engage in conversations to expand conversational and academic language.


What does this mean for students?

This means that each teacher wants to hear their voice, ideas, and thoughts. We want students to converse with one another and engage in dialogue that enriches their understanding.


Stay tuned for our parent workshops about how to help your child have rich discussions at home!




Our goals that we need our parents to help us meet!


We have big goals for our learning community and we need your support to ensure they come true! While we have MANY goals we work towards, here are the main ones we need your help with! Partnering with you, yes you, will help your child and our whole entire learning community!


Goal #1: Perfect attendance and timeliness

We need your child to show up to school every single day! To learn more, please review our attendance policy here.


Kindly note: The school day promptly starts at 8:00 AM. Our doors open between 7:45 AM and 7:55 AM to greet our students for the day. Instruction begins immediately and any child entering our school after 8:00 AM will be marked late.


Goal #2: We want all our children to read on grade level so they have bright futures!

The school day is filled with a lot of reading, writing, mathematics, character development, science, the arts, and MORE. As a result, there isn't enough time to provide each child with the opportunity to read leisurely which is essential. Please encourage your child to complete their reading logs and assignments at home. Read with them each night and on the weekend as often as possible. It is their winning lotto ticket to success! We will support you throughout the year with this goal, so stay tuned to our website for details.


Goal #3: Partner with Us

We LOVE our parents! We know your job is very demanding and we also know that sometimes it is hard to get support or understand how to help your child in school. No worries, you are NOT alone. We are always here to address your concerns. Come to our monthly PTA meetings, coffee with the principal, and school-wide events. When staff, parents, students and families come together, our kids win!