The Lion Mission and Vision!

Louie the Lion
Our Mission Statement 
Who we are and what we believe!
The Louis Armstrong School fosters the linguistic and academic development of all scholars in our learning community.  We establish a linguistically and culturally rich community of learning where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks in a compassionate, inclusive, safe, and rewarding environment.  Our instructional practices utilize a variety of research based approaches to provide meaningful, authentic instruction appropriate for the diverse needs of our student body.  Providing multiple paths to success, incorporating scaffolds, and using rich and varied resources helps students strengthen their understanding of the content across all subject areas. Together, we adapt, create, engage, nurture, advocate, support, serve, and love. We stand firm that all students can achieve success and celebrate the collective and individual milestones of our children. 
Our Vision Statement
What we are setting out to achieve!
We strive to continuously participate, share, and help one another cultivate an environment that is supportive of English language learners, bilingualism, students with disabilities, and our diverse community as a whole. Creating a positive atmosphere for adults and children to flourish together is our shared goal and we are confident that our commitment, expertise, passion, and persevering attitude will create brighter outcomes and futures.  The commitment to our students, our co-workers, and our school is evident from our actions and we are proud to be lions. We roar with pride because lions never give up!